Monday, February 26, 2007

February 2007 Updates

Meet our newest Carrie's Heart Kids!!!!
During the December & January mission trips into the Yucatan, 3 new Carrie's Heart Kids were identified who are now be a part of the Valerie Project Sponsorship Program. We are in need of sponsors for all of the Carrie's Heart Kids. For more information on the children, pictures & sponsorship information see the updated pages on the website at:

David's picture was brought to us by Doe Stowell of Puerto Aventuras, a medical missions volunteer for Angel Notion. David had been identified through a Christmas party project led by Pauline Harper also of Puerto Aventuras. In interviewing families in "el poblado" the small community for the local workers of Puerto Aventuras, community volunteer Angeles Esparza met the family of David's aunt. His aunt's family had been identified as in need, however instead of wanting Christmas for themselves....his aunt asked for help for her nephew David. The true spirit of the season. She never imagined the path that her wish for help would take...and what it would bring for David & his family! A Christmas miracle! Help us make more miracles happen for David!

Oh Carlitos! What a precious little boy! Carlitos is so full of life and so eager to learn & use his body to be as independent as possible. Carlitos was identified by Angeles through word of mouth in her community. We met Carlitos in January. He was so proud the day we visited, showing us all he knew & all his "moves". Speech pathologist, Patricia Carey, of Canada accompanied us on this mission. Patricia has since gone back into the home & to Carlitos' school to work with his family & teachers on communication & oral motor development. Working with Carlitos will be very rewarding. He is fully integrated into the kindergarten at his community school. In his community there is not segregated special education we are so lucky to be able to have Carlitos at the kindergarten. We plan to support his family & his school in his education to make his school experience a great one! Consider helping Carlitos stay in school!

Upon returning home from the December mission trip...the first email that I opened was about my new love Jose. Jose's story is a very difficult one. Jose was identified by Angel Notion volunteers who quickly passed the information on to Carrie's Heart. We learned that Jose lost his mother about 7 years ago and since has gone between living with his father & a concerned community members home. Jose has suffered from severe breakdown of skin on his entire lower extremities due to poor seating & lack of knowledge of care by his family. Despite his losses & his living conditions Jose has a happiness and a peace about him that comes from a source greater than himself. I was told before meeting Jose that I would fall in love with him & everyone was right. Jose is a very special human being & I am honored to be able to be a part of his life. You will be too!

Spring Yucatan Missions
Spring Missions to the Yucatan will be made in February, March & April. The focus of the missions will include:
Supplies: Bringing in the supplies to the families that is needed on an ongoing basis (diapers, supplement, personal hygiene, household cleaning products, clothing, medical supplies, activities / supplies for sensory & cognitive stimulation)
Mobility: Bringing in wheelchairs for sponsored children
Training: Training volunteers from the local community to work with the sponsored families as a liason for Carrie's Heart. Making home visits, inventory & purchasing of supplies, delivery of supplies.
Adaptive Equipment: Bringing in adaptive equipment / PT equipment for use at CAM in Playa del Carmen, working with therapists & teachers on the use of equipment for the students in the early childhood program
School Supplies & Teaching Materials: CAM Playa & CAM Cozumel

Our mission teams are growing! Carrie's Heart is joining with other professionals & organizations to work with schools & families in the Yucatan! Doctors, therapists & educators from Mexico, the U.S. & Canada are beginning to pull our knowledge & resources together to better meet the needs of the kids! If you are interested in becoming a part of a mission team email Carrie.

Help Carrie's Heart spread the word about our organization and the work we are doing locally & in the Yucatan! We have developed presentations about Carrie's Heart for use at any type of group meeting in the community. If you belong to a group, class, organization or work place that you think would like to support Carrie's Heart please contact Carrie for more information.

New Carrie's Heart T-shirts
March is "Disabilities Awareness Month". Each year in March Carrie's Heart will be releasing a new Carrie's Heart T-shirt in celebration of diversity, acceptance & awareness! This year's design theme is "Opening Hearts...Opening Minds" and is bilingual representing our kids locally & in the Yucatan! The shirts will cost $20 for adults & $15 for students. Proceeds raised from the shirts will go towards local Carrie's Heart community events & projects. If you are interested in preordering shirts please contact Carrie.

Mark Your Calendar
Carrie's Heart has some great events planned during the spring. Come out & join the Carrie's Heart family.

Katy ISD Special Education Parent Conference & Resource Fair:
Saturday, February 17th 8:30 - 4:30
Carrie's Heart will have a booth at the fair. Come by the booth to pick up information about upcoming local events & projects. This conference & fair hosted by KISD is a very informative event with presenters & exhibitors offering a wealth of information for families.

Coffee Talk
Saturday, February 24th 9:00 a.m.
Dunn Brother's Coffee, 6825 S. Fry Rd. #100
Moms....this one is for you! Moms of special needs children are invited to the first monthly Carrie's Heart "Coffee Talk". This is a time for moms to have a moment all to themselves! Come out to enjoy a free cup of coffee & visit with other moms on a similar journey of raising a child with special needs. We hope that through "Coffee Talk" we can create a network of support & friendship for our moms. We look forward to meeting you all!

Valentine's Ice Cream Social
Piccomolo Italian Ice Cream
1850 S. Mason Road
Date: February - TBA
It's the season of love & friendship! Invite your friends & loved ones out for a sweet treat in celebration of Valentine's Day! Kids are welcome to bring Valentines or goodies to share with friends!

Cougar County Garage Sale
Cinco Ranch High School Parking Lot
Saturday, March 31st
We need your junk!!! We want it all....BIG & small! A great way to help out Carrie's Heart...and to do your spring cleaning at the same time!!! All proceeds from the event will go towards the Spring Yucatan Mission Trips! This is also a fun event to bring the whole family out to!

Volunteers are needed for the following events. Please contact Carrie if you are interested in volunteering. Adults, students & groups (school, scouts etc.) are all welcome to volunteer!

Katy ISD Special Education Parent Conference & Resource Fair:
Saturday, February 17th 8:30 - 4:30
Volunteers are needed to help man the Carrie's Heart booth at this event. The booth will be set up & manned by volunteer Terry Quinn-Reyes from 8:30 - 10:30. Volunteers are needed to man the booth from 10:30 - 4:30 in whatever time blocks you may be available. Volunteers will encourage booth visitors to sign up on our contact list, give out information & answer general questions about Carrie's Heart.

Cougar County Garage Sale
Cinco Ranch High School Parking Lot
Saturday, March 31st
Volunteers are needed on the 30th for pick up of donated items & preloading of trucks / vehicles for early morning drop off. If you have a truck or large vehicle & can help with this...please contact us. On the 31st we will need volunteers beginning at 5:00 a.m. for donation drop up, set up of the booths & for sales of garage sale items and beverages. Everyone can volunteer! Be sure to wear your Carrie's Heart t-shirts! Volunteers will be needed in shifts from 5:00a.m. until noon. This event is a lot of fun!

For a complete list of needs see the Carrie's Heart website at

When you are out grocery shopping each week please consider throwing a few extra items in the basket for the Carrie's Heart kids. This is a really easy...and important way that you can help out!
Nutritional Supplement - Ensure & Pediasure or equivalent
Diapers - Sizes 4 & 5
Pull Ups- medium sized

Equipment: Used wheelchairs, walkers, adaptive equipment & PT equipment for children of all ages.

Specific Needs for the Carrie's Heart Kids in the Yucatan:

Nebulizer & a wheelchair for Juan Diego
Mosquito Netting & a bathing chair & a wheelchair for David.
Educational DVD's and computer programs in Spanish for Jose.
Monthly sponsorship for Valerie's mother Alejandra to begin working for Carrie's Heart on the island of Cozumel with our families & for Valerie to attend school. Tube feeding supplies - Kangaroo Pump Bags & BARD extension sets.
Size 3/4 lightweight summer clothing for Gladys.
Monthly sponsorship for Carlitos to attend school & purchase his educational materials / school supplies.
Garage Sale Items: We need your junk!
Bottled Water & Sodas: To be sold at the garage sale.

Thank you for your continued support of Carrie's Heart!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Our new Carrie's Heart kids in the Yucatan!

David, Age 19
Felipe Carrillo Puerto
Quintana Roo, Mexico

Jose, Age 16
Felipe Carrillo Puerto
Quintana Roo, Mexico

Carlitos, Age 6
Puerto Aventuras
Quintana Roo, Mexico

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