Sunday, June 18, 2006

Valerie is doing well at home in Cozumel

I accompanied Valerie and Alejandra on their return trip home to Cozumel. They were greeted by friends & family at the airport. ValerieĀ“s little sister Veronica was happy to see her big sister and her mom return home. Rosy Pirez of Cozumel had helped the family prepare the home for arrival - including purchasing a new bed, fans & a window AC unit to make Valerie comfortable and to assure that the feeding pumps and supplement are kept at a cooler temperature. A few days after their arrival home, I visited the family to assure that they had everything they needed and that all was going well. We have since had a follow up appointment with a local pediatrician in Playa. She was extremely thorough with Valerie and gave Alejandra recommendations for ValerieĀ“s continued care. Valerie is now over 19 lbs. and looks better and better each time I see her. I will be visiting the family at their home next week & will keep everyone posted!

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