Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The next step in our journey...

Our little princess is headed back to Cozumel early this morning, Tuesday June 6, 2006. Valerie arrived exactly one month ago & we have had some incredible experiences during this time. Valerie received excellent care while she was here and we will continue that care when she returns home. She has now gained 5lbs since March! She is gaining back her strength & her health. This week she had her follow up appointments and the doctors are very happy with her progress. Thanks to the incredible generosity of supporters of the Valerie Project we have received medical equipment including two feeding pumps that will be going home with Valerie. She also received a jogger stroller to go home with her. On Thursday, Darlene O'Brien and Stephanie Wiggins of NTS came out to visit with Valerie and showed Alejandra basic range of motion exercises, positioning and stimulation activities for Valerie. It was an absolutely incredible experience watching Darlene work with Valerie. It was very powerful seeing Valerie developing into a little girl who has the potential that we all knew existed. A huge thank you to everyone who has been a part of this journey. The next step of our journey now begins...we look forward to your continued support of Valerie as she returns home. She will continue to need our support and our thoughts!

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