Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Valerie & Mom are doing well

Valerie and her mother, Alejandra, are doing well. Valerie was admitted to the hospital on Monday and is currently being fed through a nasal gastric feeding tube. Under the guidance of her doctors she is undergoing tests that will help to determine the course of her care. Alejandra is doing an excellent job of caring for her daughter and Lavonna is guiding her in advocating for the care of her child. The family was accepted into Ronald McDonald house which is helping to keep our costs down. We have received an awesome response from donors - giving the family clothing, personal care items, supplies for Valerie & much needed monetary donations. Thanks to our generous supporters we have been able to provide diapers, pediasure, a kangaroo pump along with the neccessary bags, tubing etc. that will reduce the cost of her hospital stay. We will continue to need your support and to broaden our support base as the our needs change. We are dedicated to helping Valerie and her family. Please continue to share her story with never know who will be touched and called to help!

In addition to monetary donations to help with medical costs we have the following needs:


Huggies Diapers - size 3
Unscented wipes
Poise Bladder control pads - Extra
Pediasure - Strawberry is her favorite

Valerie - Size 3 clothing (new or gently used)- long sleeves & pants/long dresses/cardigan sweaters - no shorts or short sleeves for awhile
Size 5 clothing (for sister)
Size 12 bottoms and Medium tops/sweaters/sweatshirts/hoodies for Alejandra
Blankets/Warm robe for Alejandra

Fiesta cards / cash (so they can buy groceries at Fiesta for the Ronald McDonald house to cut down costs - Fiesta is on their shuttle route)
Non-perishable food items to grab for snacks - Nutri-grain bars, crackers, water, soft drinks, gum, raisins, etc.
Trac phone telephone cards for communication with Mexico

Equipment / Supplies:
Small wheelchair that can be adapted for Valerie (preferably a reclinable one)
Positioning equipment (tumble form chair, small cushions & wedges)
Tube feeding supplies
Guaze pads / bandages / tape

Volunteers / Visitors: If you would like to volunteer in supporting the family during this time of healing please contact me directly at Visitors are also welcome and initial visits can be coordinated with me through phone or email. We will not be posting specifics on the location of the family on the blog.

Thank you so much!

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