Monday, April 17, 2006

Valerie Update 4/17

Lavonna Redman of Angel Notion was in town last week working on Valerie's case. Lavonna found a local pediatrician who has a huge heart for children with disabilities and has agreed to see Valerie and guide us through her care. There is a team of doctors awaiting Valeries arrival, we will have every kind of specialist that will be needed to diagnose and treat Valerie in the most successful way.

We plan to have Valerie in Houston as early as this coming Friday - April 21st.

We have come to the decision that in order for us to truly help Valerie long term, we must also help her mother. Valerie's mother, Alexandra, will be coming to Houston with Valerie to take part in getting her the medical care that she needs. Most importantly, she will be here to learn to accept, love and care for her child. Our goal is to surround Alexandra with a community of support that will guide her in making positive changes in her life for herself and her daughter.

Can you imagine living in the conditions that she has to live in? There are no options, no assistance and no education. I personally can imagine being very tired, with out hope or really anything to look forward to. Angel Notion and Carrie's Heart, along with you and other volunteers, are going to give her mother the self esteem and all the tools to be able to handle this job that she has been given. Our vision is that Alexandra will have the experience to be able to teach others in her community what one needs to do in the case their child is born with a disability. I see that Alexandra may have the capacity to hold a job with Angel Notion in a new clinic in Cozumel dedicated to children with severe disabilities. Mothers like Alexandra will assist others in their community who are in similar circumstances. There is great need on the island of Cozumel - children are being born everyday with difficult circumstances on the Island!

The scope of the Valerie Project has broadened. Both Angel Notion and Carrie's Heart operate under the principles of love, acceptance and above all education. It is important that Valerie's mother learns to love and care for her child so that she can return home and share her knowledge with other mothers. The larger goal of the Valerie Project is one of education - educating parents and communities about the rights and needs of their children. Education combined with resources to help families in the care of their children is the way to truly making a difference in each child's life and in the local community.

Our needs are funding for the Ronald Mc Donald house, air and local transportation, medical costs (which we expect to be approx 10k), needs for Valerie include warm clothes, a stroller, nutritional supplement, personal care products, diapers. For Valeries mother - clothes, shoes, personal hygiene items, counseling / therapy costs (approx 1000.00). We have raised about 45f what we need in order to complete this mission. We expect this particular mission will cost approx 15,000.00 dollars not a lot consider we are changing an Island, a family and most importantly Valeries life!

We thank you in advance for your support of this mission.

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